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英语干货丨 超实用100句英文商务邮件短语,收藏起来,早晚用获得

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本文摘要:***请点击上方红色的“关注”我们,您的关注,是我们努力的动力!谢谢!***在日常职场事情中,总会遇到邮件的写作。大家知道该怎么写商务英语邮件吗?如果你还不相识的话,就来看看下面的内容吧,这些可都是邮件写作的黄金句式,希望能对你有所资助。1. Aim for – to make it a goal or target.目的-使之成为目的或目的。 You need to aim for four more clients this month.这个月你需要争取另外四个客户。


***请点击上方红色的“关注”我们,您的关注,是我们努力的动力!谢谢!***在日常职场事情中,总会遇到邮件的写作。大家知道该怎么写商务英语邮件吗?如果你还不相识的话,就来看看下面的内容吧,这些可都是邮件写作的黄金句式,希望能对你有所资助。1. Aim for – to make it a goal or target.目的-使之成为目的或目的。

You need to aim for four more clients this month.这个月你需要争取另外四个客户。2. Ask around – to ask multiple people to find the answer to something.四处询问——让多小我私家找到某件事情的谜底。Tim, could you please ask around and find out what causing this problem?蒂姆,你能四处问问是什么引起这个问题吗?3. Back up #1 – To make a copy of something to protect against loss.备份1–复制一些工具以防丢失。

Please make sure to back up all your work each day on the company’s server.请确保天天在公司服务器上备份所有事情。4. Back up #2 – To talk about an earlier point in a conversation.倒退2–谈论谈话的前一点。

Let’s back up for a minute. You said earlier that the customer couldn’t log in?让我们往前一分钟。你适才说客户不能登录?5. Bail out – to save from, or pull out of, failure/loss. (most often using money).纾困——从失败/损失中拯救或撤出。(最常用的是用钱)。In 2008-2009, the US government had to bail out many banks.2008-2009年,美国政府不得不救助许多银行。

6. Bail out of – to leave quickly when unfinished. (see also: pull out)跳出-未完成时快速脱离。(另请参见:拉出)We had to bail out of the Sydney deal. We didn’t have the manpower to complete it.我们不得不从悉尼生意业务中脱身。我们没有人力来完成。7. Bank on – to count on something or base plans on expecting it to happen.指望——指望某事或计划能发生。

The design team at Toyota were banking on the new Escobar line to be a success.丰田的设计团队指望新的Escobar系列能取得乐成。8. Be snowed under – to have a lot or too much work to do.被大雪笼罩-有许多或太多的事情要做。

I am snowed under this week. Can we do it next week?这星期我下雪了。我们下周能做吗?9. Booked out – when all tickets or spaces are already reserved or taken.已预订-当所有车票或车位都已预订或占用时。Our business event is nearly booked out because of ticket pre-orders.由于预购机票,我们的商务运动险些被预订一空。

10. Branch out – to start something new that is similar and in addition to what you have been doing.开拓领域-开始一些新的工具,是相似的,除了你一直在做的。The electric car company, Tesla, is branching out into the motorcycle industry.电动汽车公司特斯拉正在向摩托车行业生长。11. Break down – to make something into smaller parts.剖析-把某物分成更小的部门。

We need to break down our sales process to see where we can improve it.我们需要打破我们的销售流程,看看我们能在那里革新它。12. Break into – to enter a new market (with effort).打入一个新的市场。It’s tough to break into the beauty industry right now.现在很难打入美容行业。

13. Bring forward – to move a deadline or agreed time closer to now.提前-将最后期限或约定的时间移到现在。Do you mind if we bring our meeting forward to 3 o’clock?你介意我们把集会提前到3点吗?14. Bring off – to successfully achieve something that is difficult to do.乐成地完成一些很难做到的事情。Tony promised two times more sales this March. Think he can bring it off?托尼允许今年三月再增加两倍的销售量。你以为他能乐成吗?15. Bring up – to begin a discussion on a topic.提出-开始一个话题的讨论。

I would like to bring up the problems we’re facing in our Asian factories.我想提出我们在亚洲工厂面临的问题。16. Burn out – to become sick or exhausted because of working too much.筋疲力尽——由于事情太多而生病或筋疲力尽。Jill looks burned out this year. I think the change of job has been tough for her.吉尔今年看起来精疲力尽。

我认为换事情对她来说很难。17. Buy out – to buy a large enough portion of a company to take control of it.收购——收购一家公司足够大的一部门来控制它。

Many companies buy out their competitors to increase their market share.许多公司买下竞争对手以增加他们的市场份额。18. Call back – to phone someone in reply to their (missed) call.回拨-给某人打电话以回复他们(未接)的电话。Sarah, could you tell Tom I’ll call him back later? I’m going to a meeting right now.莎拉,你能告诉汤姆我过会儿再打给他吗?我现在要去开会。19. Call for – to demand or need something.要求-要求或需要某物。

The shareholders are calling for the CEO’s resignation.股东们要求首席执行官告退。20. Call off – to cancel.取消–取消。

Sorry John, I’m going to have to call off our business lunch tomorrow.对不起,约翰,我明天要取消我们的商务午餐。21. Carry on – to continue to do something.继续-继续做某事。

Carry on with your lunch. We can discuss it later.继续吃午饭吧。我们可以稍后再讨论。

22. Carry out – to perform an action.执行-执行一个行动。Steve will carry out our social media campaign starting next month.史蒂夫将从下个月开始开展我们的社交媒体运动。23. Cash in on – to use an event or external opportunity in your benefit (normally for money).兑现——使用一个事件或外部时机为自己谋取利益(通常是为了钱)。

Colgate is cashing in on market interest in natural products with a new organic toothpaste.高露洁正在使用一种新的有机牙膏在市场上对天然产物的兴趣。24. Cash up – to keep/hold large amounts of money instead of investing or spending it.套现——保留/持有大量资金,而不是投资或消费。

Apple is cashed up and ready to buy small tech companies.苹果已经兑现并准备收购小型科技公司。25. Catch on to – to realize something that is happening.抓住-意识到正在发生的事情。If large media companies don’t catch on to social media quickly, they’ll go out of business.如果大型媒体公司不迅速遇上社交媒体,它们就会倒闭。

26. Catch up – to become up to date with current work to be done.遇上进度-跟上当前要完成的事情。I need to catch up with some work I haven’t finished.我需要遇上一些我还没做完的事情。

27. Chase up – to try and get someone to pay a bill.追查——试着找人付账。Tesla has a whole team of accountants who chase up unpaid invoices.特斯拉有一个完整的会计团队卖力追查未付的发票。28. Chip in – to put something in towards a greater goal (normally ideas, work, or money).投入——把某物投入一个更大的目的(通常是想法、事情或款项)。Jerry, could you chip in and help the guys in the factory today?杰瑞,你今天能加入资助工厂里的人吗?29. Close down – to permanently stop a business, or part of a business.关闭-永久性地停止一项业务或一部门业务。

We are closing down our Mexico factory next quarter.下个季度我们将关闭墨西哥工厂。30. Close up – to temporarily stop or close a business (at the end of each day for example).关闭-暂时停止或关闭业务(例如天天竣事时)。

Could you help Sarah close up the shop tonight?今晚你能帮莎拉把商店关起来吗?31. Come up –to happen or be created.泛起-发生或被缔造。Something unplanned has come up and we won’t make our deadline.有些意外的事情发生了,我们不能定时完成。32. Contract out to – to give work to someone outside of the company to do.把事情交给公司以外的人去做。We’re going to contract our website design out to an Indian company我们将把网站设计外包给一家印度公司33. Cross sell – to promote or suggest similar products at the time of customers purchase.交织销售-在客户购置时推广或建议同类产物。

Companies like Vista Print and Amazon use cross selling to maximize spending.像vista print和amazon这样的公司使用交织销售来最大化支出。34. Cut out – to get rid of, or take away, something/someone.删掉-去掉或拿走某物/某人。If we cut out the middle man we can lower our costs.如果我们去掉中间人,我们就能降低成本。35. Deal with – to handle, work, or interact with, something/someone.处置惩罚-处置惩罚、事情或与某物/某人互动。

Our company deals with dentists all over the country.我们公司与全国各地的牙医打交道。36. Draw up – to prepare paperwork/contracts/plans/etc. Normally to do with written work.起草-准备书面文件/条约/计划等。Let’s talk again after Timothy in our legal department draws up a contract.我们执法部的蒂莫西起草条约后再谈吧。

37. Drop in/by – to visit.顺便来看看。Greg from head office is going to drop in总部的格雷格要来造访。

38. Drop off – to deliver something.下车-送工具。The FedEx guy dropped off something for you this morning, sir.今天早上联邦快递的人给你送了工具,先生。

39. Drum up – to increase or gain something. Normally business/sales/awareness/customers.兴起-增加或获得某物。通常业务/销售/意识/客户。Little bakeries are having a hard time drumming up business after Tesco opened its own in-store bakeries.在乐购开设自己的店内面包店后,小面包店正忙着打鼓生意。

40. Fall short – to not have enough of something. Often money or time.做不到-没有足够的工具。通常是款项或时间。

If a cash register falls short, the cashier has to pay the difference themselves.如果收银机缺钱,出纳员必须自己付差额。41. Fall through – to not be successful. To fail or lose something.失败-不乐成。

失败或失去某物Google had a deal to sell to Yahoo! ten years ago but it fell through.谷歌有一笔生意业务要卖给雅虎!十年前可是失败了。42. File away – to put in organized storage (normally documents, and files)文件存放-存放在有组织的存储中(通常是文档和文件)Remember to file away those invoices after you’re finished with them.别忘了把那些发票用完后归档。43. Fill in for – to temporarily replace something or someone.填写-暂时替换某物或某人。

Can you come into work today? We need someone to fill in for Sam, who’s sick.你今天能上班吗?山姆病了,我们需要有人来取代他。44. Fill out – to complete or put details into a form or survey.填写-完成或将细节放入表格或观察中。Could you please take the time to fill out our customer survey?请您花点时间填写我们的客户观察表好吗?45. Find out – look for information or to discover something previously unknown.发现-寻找信息或发现以前未知的工具。

Tom, please find out what happened to the supplier’s delivery.汤姆,请查查供应商的交货情况。46. Get ahead – to become successful in your career or business.勇往直前-在事业或事业上取得乐成。

You have to be tough to get ahead in the finance industry.要想在金融业取得领先职位,你必须坚强。47. Get on – to make improvement or progress.继续前进-取得进步或进步。How did you get on with the marketing plan this week?这周你是如何举行市场营销计划的?48. Go through – to read, discuss, or examine something, usually paper.阅读,讨论,或检查一些工具,通常是纸。Tom from legal will get back to us after going through the contracts.法务部的汤姆在签完条约后会回来找我们的。

49. Hire out – to allow others to use a resource you own in return for money.出租-允许他人使用你拥有的资源来换取款项。The boss wants to hire out the 3rd floor of our office building to a small business.老板想把我们办公楼的三楼出租给一家小企业。

50. Hold off on – to postpone something until a later date.推迟——把某事推迟到以后的日期。They will need to hold off on the release of their new phone until they fix the battery.他们需要推迟新手机的公布,直到他们修好电池。51. Hold on – to wait (usually for a small period of time).坚持——等候(通常是很小的一段时间)。Please hold on for a minute until I finish this call.请稍等,直到我打完电话。

52. Hold out – to wait before taking action or remain in the same difficult situation.坚持——在行动之前等候,或处于同样难题的田地。Sir, I think we should hold out for a better offer before selling.先生,我想我们应该在出售前先争取一个更好的报价。53. Hone in on – to focus on one thing. Or, to focus down in detail.专注于一件事。或者,把注意力放在细节上。

GoPro has been successful in honing in on the extreme sports market.Gopro已经乐成地在极限运动市场上磨练了。54. Join in on – to take part in an activity.到场-到场一项运动。

Let’s get Steve from accounting to join in on this meeting.让会计部的史蒂夫到场这次集会。55. Keep up with – to stay up to date. Or to stay at the same level or speed as something else.跟上-保持最新。

或者保持与其他事物相同的水平或速度。Small businesses find it difficult to keep up with technology changes.小企业发现很难跟上技术的变化。

56. Key in – to type something on a computer or keyboard.键入-在盘算机或键盘上键入内容。We’re looking for a data entry specialist to key in customer’s purchase history.我们正在寻找一个数据输入专家来输入客户的购置历史。

57. Knuckle down – to focus on the task or job to be done.全神贯注——专注于要完成的任务或事情。The design team will have to really knuckle down to finish this by Christmas.设计团队必须全力以赴在圣诞节前完成这项事情。58. Lay off – to fire. To tell to leave the company.开除-开除。告诉他脱离公司。

They had to lay off He was stealing paperclips.他们不得不开除他,因为他在偷回形针。59. Look into – to research to find more information.观察-研究以发现更多信息。Our office keeps losing paperclips. Can you please look into it Stacy?我们的办公室总是丢回形针。

你能帮我查一下吗史黛西?60. Look through – to examine or read briefly on the surface浏览-在外貌上检查或简短地阅读The team had a quick look through your proposal.小组很快就看完了你的建议。61. Look up to – to respect and admire.尊敬-尊敬和钦佩。


I know you look up to Larry like a father, which makes this hard.我知道你像父亲一样尊敬拉里,这让事情变得很难。62. Make up – to compensate for something. (also see: Catch up)赔偿-赔偿某物。

(另见:追赶)There’s a lot to do today. The office needs to make up for being closed last week.今天有许多事要做。这间办公室需要弥补上星期关门的损失。63. Measure up – to be at the right level or good enough to do something.权衡——处于正确的水平或足够好地做某事。

We hired an ex-Apple Marketing Director. I hope he measures up to expectations.我们雇了一位前苹果市场总监。我希望他能到达预期。64. Meet up – to get together.相聚——相聚。

The department heads are meeting up next week to talk about Larry’s behavior.部门主管下周开会讨论拉里的行为。65. note down – to write something quickly to use again later.记下来——快速地写下一些工具以便以后再次使用。

Stacy, could you join us and note down the key points to the meeting?史黛西,你能和我们一起记下集会的要点吗?66. Pencil in – To make flexible plans for something that can still change.暂时摆设-为一些仍然可以改变的事情制定灵活的计划。Shall we pencil in next Wednesday at 1 pm for your interview?我们下星期三下午一点来面试好吗?67. Phone up – to call by phone.打电话——打电话。Customers have been phoning up with complaints about the new Furby toy.主顾们一直打电话投诉新的富比玩具。

68. Pick up – to increase or improve after a period of slow or no results.恢复-在一段时间缓慢或没有效果后增加或改善。Business really has really picked up since the month of June.六月份以来生意真的很好。69. Point out – to bring attention to something.指出-引起对某事的注意。

I need to point out that we have not yet decided on new product’s name yet.我需要指出的是,我们还没有决议新产物的名称。70. Pull out of – to stop doing something. Or, to stop being a part of something.退出-停止做某事。或者,停止成为某件事的一部门。Many companies are pulling out of their advertising contracts with YouTube.许多公司正退出与youtube的广告条约。

71. Put back –to stall or delay something to a later date (also see: Hold off on)推迟——推迟或推迟某物的日期(另见:推迟)The delivery date will be put back by two days because of the hurricane.由于飓风的影响,交货期将推迟两天。72. Put off – to know longer feel positive about something.推迟——去相识更多对某事的努力感受。

Many Samsung customers were put off by the Note 7 battery problems.许多三星的客户被Note 7电池问题延误了。73. Report Back – to return to a boss or superior person with new information found.向上司或上级汇报新的信息。

It’s part of your job to report back any issues you find within the company’s servers.陈诉在公司服务器中发现的任何问题是您事情的一部门。74. Rip off – when a product/service is expensive in comparison to its value.次品-当产物/服务比它的价值昂贵时。Some say the iPhone 7 is a rip off because little has been changed since the iPhone 6.有人说iPhone 7是个骗局,因为自iPhone 6以来险些没有什么变化。

75. Run by / past – to check with someone first.途经/途经-先和某人确认一下。Shouldn’t we run it by the supervisor, first?我们不应该先由主管来处置惩罚吗?76. Run late – when you will not be somewhere at the planned time.晚点——你不会在计划的时间泛起在某个地方。He is running a little late this morning because of traffic.由于交通堵塞,他今天早上有迟到。77. Run out of – to not have any more of an item.用完-不再拥有任何物品。

We are about to run out of printing ink, could you order more, please?我们的墨水快用完了,请再点一点好吗?78. Sell off – to sell a part of or a whole business.出售-出售部门或全部业务。Nokia plans to sell off its mobile phone department to Samsung.诺基亚计划将其手机部门出售给三星。79. Sell out – to have sold all items of something with nothing left.卖完——把某物的所有工具都卖光了。

We always sell out of that perfume brand during this time of year.在每年的这个时候,我们总是卖掉谁人香水品牌。80. Set up – to arrange/create. Or, to start a new business or a new department of a business.设置-摆设/建立。

或者,开办一家新公司或一个新部门。Virgin Airways plans to set up offices in Berlin next year.维珍航空计划明年在柏林设立服务处。81. Shop around – to compare prices and products at different places before buying.货比三家——在购置前比力差别地方的价钱和产物。

Most large companies constantly shop around for the cheapest materials.大多数大公司经常随处采购最自制的质料。82. Sign off on – to formally approve of something签字-正式批准某事。You’re going to need the boss to sign off on this order.你需要老板在这张订单上签字。83. Sign up – to agree to receive or to do something.注册-同意吸收或做某事。

Many website companies want their site’s visitors to sign up for a newsletter.许多网站公司希望他们网站的会见者注册一份时事通讯。84. Sort out – to fix or solve a problem.解决-解决或解决一个问题。

The company had to recall all the phones to sort out the battery problem.公司不得不召回所有的电话来解决电池问题。85. Spell out – to explain in plain and simple terms.用简朴明晰的语言解释。Tech companies need to really spell out their product’s advantages to customers.科技公司需要真正向客户阐明他们产物的优势。


86. Step Down – to give up their position or title.下台-放弃他们的职位或头衔。The CEO of Malaysia Airways stepped down on Tuesday after the news report.马来西亚航空首席执行官周二在新闻报道后告退。

87. Step up – to try/work harder更上一层楼-努力事情。Our company needs to step it up if we want to compete with Tesla.如果我们想和特斯拉竞争,我们公司需要加鼎力大举度。

88. Stock up – to collect or buy a lot of something.备货——收集或购置许多工具。Most restaurants stock up on champagne before New Year’s Eve.大多数餐馆在除夕夜前都备有香槟。

89. Take off #1 – to become highly successful or popular quickly.迅速走红1-迅速成为很是乐成或受接待的人。The Harry Potter books took off even faster than the publisher expected.哈利波特的书比出书商预期的要快得多。90. Take off #2 – to not go to work.请假2-不去上班。Boss, can I take Tuesday off to visit my friend in the hospital?老板,星期二我可以请假去医院看我的朋侪吗?91. Take on – to accept or agree to deal with.接受或同意处置惩罚。

The boss thinks that you’ve taken on too much work and wants me to help you.老板认为你负担了太多的事情,要我帮你。92. Take over – to gain control. Or, to do something someone else was responsible for.接受-获得控制权。或者,做别人应该卖力的事。

The Financial controller has taken over the accountants duties.财政总监接受了会计师的职责。93. Talk over – to discuss a topic for decision.讨论-讨论一个要做决议的话题。Let’s talk it over tomorrow during the Sales meeting.我们明天在销售集会上再谈吧。

94. Team up – to work together with another on something.团队互助-在某件事情上与另一小我私家一起事情。Malcolm and John, you two team up to solve this issue.马尔科姆和约翰,你们两个一起解决这个问题。95. Trade in – to give something old as part of the price paid for new things.以旧换新——以旧换新。

All customers get $100 off the new S8 when trading in their old S7.所有主顾在旧的s7上生意业务时都能重新的s8上获得100美元的折扣。96. Trade off – to negotiate or make a deal权衡——谈判或告竣生意业务I had to trade off my paid vacation leave for a smaller workload.我不得不把带薪休假换成一个小事情量的事情。

97. Turn down – to reject or say no.拒绝-拒绝或拒绝。He turned down my request for a raise他拒绝了我的加薪要求98. Up sell – to promote a more premium product option or add-ons during the sales process.追加销售–在销售历程中推广更优质的产物选项或附加组件。McDonald’s up sells at every opportunity. “Want to make it jumbo size for $1?”麦当劳每一个时机都在销售。

“想把它做成1美元的特大号吗?”99. Weigh up – to think about both sides of something. Ie cost vs benefit.举重——思考事物的两面。即成本与效益。A company must weigh up the costs and benefits when changing their pricing.公司在改变订价时必须权衡成本和收益。

100. Work out –to find the solution for something or to calculate something.解决-为某事找到解决方案或盘算某事。The boss wants me to work out the total cost per unit.老板要我盘算出每个单元的总成本。